Amazing UFO video filmed over Albufeira, Portugal


Here’s one really interesting footage that was filmed over Albufeira in Portugal. This was recorded on 13th August 2017 but it was just published online now,

Witness report: Two big balls flying by with different speeds

I was walking the dog, and when I looked back to call him, I saw this two big balls flying by. They have different speed. It was really weird… I stopped the video to take a picture. It’s not so good one…
I thought immediately it was an UFO, I am near the Faro Airport and know exactly how are the planes and helicopters.
When I get home I showed the video to everyone and everyone says it was really very weird. I tried to get some answers online in portuguese, and nobody could explain anything, or others didn’t even respond my emails.
Someone gave me this website to report it, but I didn’t do it for a long long time, just because I don’t understand some of this questionary.
Recorded with Samsung Galaxy S5

Author (source: MUFON)

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