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The Frozen Earth Conspiracy by



Now, as you saw from the title of this document and the picture below it, NASA and the American government have been lying to everyone about the real size of our planet and what they found buried in Antarctica. You have always thought there were all these conspiracies, but in reality there is only this one, and all these other phenomena were simply the means employed by NASA and the American government to hide the truth. I’m going to go trough several popular conspiracies in the hope you realize how you allowed yourself to be fooled. In reality, you didn’t do anything wrong, you have just been brainwashed from a very young age. I’m certain you had a planetary globe in your class room in primary school.
So the first two conspiracies I’m going to address are The Hollow Earth and The Flat Earth theories. Now, I’m not going to explain them or even debunked, but simply let you know that at their very core lies the exploits of this man.

Admiral Richard E. Byrd
Admiral Richard E. Byrd

This is Admiral Richard E. Byrd, which counts among is many deeds, several flights over Antarctica to map it. He was also involved in expeditions to the North Pole, so this is definitely a man I recommend you look into.
Admiral Byrd is reported to have found land masses beyond Antarctica during these reconnaissance flights. Both Flat Earth and Hollow Earth supporters saw this as positive evidence that validated their respective theories. However, what they failed to realize was that their conception of our planet’s size was wrong. Admiral Byrd’s final reconnaissance flight took place in 1956 as part of Operation Deep Freeze. And the outcome was the same as before. There is no end to Antarctica. 3 years later the Antarctic treaty was signed and so began the biggest cover up in human history.

I don’t want to go to deep into the Antarctic Treaty, but I recommend you look into articles 4, 6, 7 and 10. The deception is hiding in plain sight in some very clever wording. But basically, Antarctica is locked away from exploration, even if you have signed the treaty. And now lets look at photographic evidence that destroys everything you just read.

Oh wait, there is none. The picture you see here is a composite from many others taken by satellite. In fact there are no pictures whatsoever from Antarctica taken from space. ZERO. And the reason is because Antarctica is not the continent you’ve been lead to believe.
But remember that there was no way to fully map the entire extension of Antarctica and the planes used for reconnaissance would either run out of fuel or have their engines freeze. The only way to do it was to go up, and in 1958 NASA was created to provide for research into problems of flight within and outside the earths atmosphere, and for other purposes. Once again, clever wording to hide their true intentions. And thus the space race was born with the public goal of going into space and eventually putting a man on the Moon, but with the secret objective of getting up there and seeing how big our planet really is. And boy, does it look different from up there.

I know this isn’t the best picture ever presented as evidence, but what I what you to take from it is the actual size of both Antarctica and the North Pole, since that is how big they really are. They look very different from anything you have ever seen before, right? Our planet is not the little blue marble we’ve been lead to believe.
And why don’t I address the ridiculousness of creating a Space Program that had the secret goal of mapping our planet. Why couldn’t they do it from down here? Well, the best way to map any surface is to view it from above, pure and simple. Not to mention the freezing temperatures that no airplane engine could sustain for too long. And the men doing this attempts were at the mercy of Frostbite.
But let me give you a practical example. Think of the scientists that discovered the wreckage of the Titanic. They sailed to the area where they suspected the Titanic went down in a research vessel. Once there, they mapped the area from the surface and only when finding a possible resting place did they go down in submersibles.

The picture below was taken by explorers looking for flight MH370. You map it from above and if you find something of interest you investigate. There are satellites in orbit that were designed specifically to detect structures buried beneath the ice. It would be unfeasible to start excavating randomly in the hopes of finding something.


So NASA set out to do the same thing with our planet, and used the space race as a cover up. I’m going to address the Moon landing a little bit. It didn’t happen. There, I addressed it. You have heard about the moon landing hoax and conspiracies before so it’s pointless for me to try and bring any more evidence, but what you didn’t know was why they went to the trouble of faking it. Well, for one, they had to hide the fact they were using the budget for something else, and also, when we were watching a recording of the moon landing, the astronauts were actually being the first humans to fully see the extent of our planet. Now, have you ever seen the actual press conference of the astronauts when they returned to Earth?

Boy, do they look happy or what? You are seeing a group of men being forced to lie to an entire nation about an extraordinary achievement that actually never happened. And yes, the remaining nasamoon landings were all staged. But these recorded broadcasts could not go on forever. So enter the cold war, and the fear of the communist treat, and then the Vietnam war, then Korean war, etc. There is allot for the public to occupy their minds with. But the space flights never stopped. Now, I want you to admire the picture below. It was taken by John Glenn in 1962. Look at the quality of this image. Beautiful. It has that 60’s look. But more importantly, It is one of the very few pictures that has not been manipulated in any way.


Now, can you please find me a picture of our entire planet that is not a composite or cgi?  I know, there isn’t one. We take pictures of everything. People climb Mount Everest to take a selfie up there, and yet after almost 70 years of the first space flight there are no pictures of Earth that aren’t either cgi or composite. NASA always gives us the excuse that the planet is to big. Well, they are actually telling the truth there. The planet is massive. Look at a different take of the picture on the cover.

earth-frozenEverything you have ever seen about how our planet looks like from space is a lie. Documentaries, movies, tv shows, the news logos of the Earth spinning, etc is a way of making sure you keep on believing this lie. And NASA kindly provides the 3D models to make sure they are ”accurate”.

But lets go to the North Pole for a little bit and I believe a picture is worth a thousand words.

As you see, the reason you have also never seen an actual picture of the North Pole from space is that in addition to the size, you will also find a massive crater there, like the one on the picture to the left. This is where the asteroid that threw our planet of its axis collided.


And a crater like this will lead to lots of questions, namely, how can the North Pole be this massive and the dimensions of the planet as we know it be the same? Well, they aren’t. So what could be so interesting about Antarctica that NASA decided to keep the real size of our planet a secret? It’s very easy. I want you to think about Chernobyl. After the reactor meltdown, they evacuated the town, but you could say everything froze in time. There are still cars parked, pots and pans on stoves and fridges filled with food. In Antarctica the very same thing happened with the added bonus that everything is completely frozen, or preserved in ice. Night Eternal over Antarctica.

manWe are talking about the people that lived here before us, along with their technology and their everyday life. I’m sure you’ve read about the reports of people working on far more advanced technology that the one we currently have at our disposal, like the UFO that several sources say is being stored in Area 51. Well, these artifacts were salvaged from deep beneath the ice, and it is one of the reasons that NASA wants everyone to remain ignorant about this. Can you imagine if another nation salvaged something and got it to work before the American government? That could be seen as a threat to their world dominance. But there is something else that is extremely more important, and that is their actual knowledge.
Think of it like this. You are diagnosed with a terminal illness, with less than a year to live.
Some people might go on a spending binge, but not you. You have responsibilities, a family that you’ll leave behind, a mortgage, etc, so you’re gonna use the time you have left to make arrangements to ensure their survival. They are your future, even tough you won’t be here to see it develop.

bio-safeFunnily enough, we ourselves prepare for this scenario today. There are many seed banks like the one on the left all over the world. They are meant to protect us in the future in case a virus or bacteria destroy our current crops irreparably. There are also other places where our knowledge is stored, schematics, blue prints, etc. And of course these places are all in remote areas, either built deep into the ground or into a mountain to protect them from whatever catastrophe we might face. So, knowing that Earth was going to be hit by an asteroid in what now is the North Pole, where would the safest place be? As far away as possible from the impact zone, and seeing that our planet is more or less a sphere, the safest place would be the exact opposite Pole, or Antarctica.
So there you will find these ancient repositories of knowledge that they left for us to learn. But no, the American government believes this would only create more threats, so you live in ignorance of their existence. Now that you know about this, don’t you want to go there and learn everything you can about the people that lived here before? Just imagine what awaits for us there. And I’m gonna trow in a little bonus. Our own seed banks are guarded by state of the art surveillance systems, so you could not get close to them without someone being alerted to your presence. Now, some of you have heard and even reported about these strange energy beams that from time to time are detected going into space and have their origin in Antarctica. Guess what? Perimeter breached. Sound the alarm. So now you know what these occurrences are.

Another conspiracy that ties into this cover up is global warming, and the reason for that is very simple. Antarctica is completely covered in ice, so any increase in the planet’s temperature is welcomed by NASA. That means the ice gets easier to excavate without them directing additional funds to that effect. Imagine excavating tons of metric ice, only to find them restored in no time. But there is another consequence of hiding the size of our planet. All the weather models are incorrect, since they do not account for the actual size of Antarctica and the amount of cold air coming from there. It doesn’t sound so crazy when you realize we keep having these massive tropical storms all the time.

But it goes a little deeper.


Every year, numerous forest fires decimate hundreds and hundreds of acres of land. But what does this have to do with global warming?
Well, how many of you had one of these fires close to your residence or even in your state? These fires attack every year and firefighters always seem to be out of their league when dealing with them. The media refers to it as wildfire season, so you get used to it. But it is ridiculous. Would you get used to a killing spree season, or would you be up in arms for the inadequacy of the government in dealing with a problem that seems to occur every year? This is by no means a critique of the men and women that give their lives to protect us and our homes, but its like they are not being provided with adequate equipment on purpose. There seems to be a lack of coordination whose sole purpose is to let these fires burn and release carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. And no one ever seems to find a point of origin or a culprit. I wonder if a satellite could be used to concentrate the sun, kinda like when we were kids and used the lens of a Looking Glass to burn a piece of paper.

But we are on the brink of not needing fossil fuels to power our cars. I mean, electric cars have come along way and eventually carbon emissions will decrease. Are you sure? The only company that really invested in an electric future is Tesla, but lately, it feels like someone is  interested in seeing the company go down the drain. And no, I not going to address that carthat was shot into space.

JFKBut a conspiracy this big could not have been kept secret since this beginning. I mean hiding a planet from it owns inhabitants? Surely someone in power would have wanted the world to know about this. And you are right. There was one man, one president that understood the power this discovery could have in uniting all of us. And that man was President John F Kennedy, who was killed by agents of his own government because he wanted to share with the American people and the rest of the world what NASA found about our planet when they went into space. But there were those that believed it was to soon to release information without a proper assessment and that whatever secrets lied frozen beneath the ice might be exploited by a foreign power and engulf the world in yet another war. After all, it had only been a mere 17 years since World War II ended, and these agents were not going to risk that happening because one man had faith in humanity. While writing this segment, I realized that it has also been 17 years since the attacks of September 11th horrified us. Is the world a different place today than it was 17 years ago? Do you feel it is safer? Are we more united as a species, or is the divide between nations even greater? I’ll let you decide. But what about the next president, and the one after that, and so on? Well, after eliminating the threat to national security that was President Kennedy, the decision was made to keep this information classified even from the man that was elected by the American people to best serve them. At least during his first term. Can you imagine what a president without a filter and that tweets every thing that comes to is mind might do with this information, if he finds himself elected a second time?

marsWhat about Mars? Any advanced civilization that lived on earth thousands of years ago, would have certainly tried to colonize Mars, or maybe even escape doomsday by fleeing there, but we have all seen pictures of Mars and there are no structures there. It is one big red desert, right? Well, yes and no.

desertLook at the picture on the right. Would you say that our planet is one big desert, or do you understand you are seeing selected pictures of Mars with the sole purpose of hiding the truth from you? The Sahara desert extends for hundreds and hundreds of miles in any direction without any water and little vegetation, but you wouldn’t say our planet is only made of sand.

planet-xI’m rather sure you have heard about Planet X or Nibiru. It is supposedly a secret giant planet than NASA is hiding from us that is located in the solar system and will eventually collide with Earth. Well, this conspiracy is not without a sense of irony, because like you already know, this giant planet that NASA has been hiding is our own.

S/orry, did you just say that space tourism is coming our way? Well, it isn’t. You’re just meant to think it is. We’ve been hearing about space hotels and cheap space flights for years, but save for a few millionaires that went to space, no one else is going anytime soon.

Shall we ask Sir Richard Branson how many millions he invested in a dream he’ll never be allowed to achieve. And it’s very easy to understand why. First thing you’ll want to do is go around the world. How long before someone realizes the planet looks nothing like what we grew up seeing? Down here it is easy to control air space. You can scramble a jet to investigate an intrusion in no time. But up there? Wouldn’t work. So you are going to stay on the ground. But don’t worry. Eventually VR will be here to make space look so good you won’t even think about experiencing it for real.nasa2

And now we are going to go into how this is been done in a practical way. To be able to mask the real size of our planet, distances had to be altered, and to do that satellites and super computers are being used. But just saying that sounds like something you would hear coming from someone wearing a tin foil hat. Look at this supercomputer distribution chart. Once you remove China, the US has more than twice the supercomputers of all the other countries combined.


And now, look at the evolution of satellites in orbit.


In case you’re thinking that the majority of these satellites are for communication purposes, you should know that 95% of all communication is done trough underwater cables, not only for speed, but also for reliability. So all these satellites are remapping and then sending back these false distances to GPS devices all over the world. Funny how Russia has their own system, GLONASS, which was made a top government priority by President Putin and China has their BeiDou system.

But what about the more that 10.000 planes that fly at any given time? This is where it gets interesting. You see the two main aircraft manufacturers are Boeing and Airbus and both of these companies are deeply involved in space exploration and are basically working with NASA.

And it goes without saying that every airline pilot would have trained whatever route they will fly in a simulator first, so the deception becomes reality when they board a real cockpit. Remember, pilots are basically there to take off and land the plane. And at the end of the day they are human like you and me. I bet you use the GPS in your car all the time, even when you’re visiting a place you’ve before and know perfectly well how get there. And now, let me address one of aviation’s biggest mysteries and why it still remains so. Flight MH370 and why you’re are not being allowed to find it.


We’ve been told that the pilot wanted to create one of aviation’s biggest mysteries, and this theory is backed up by evidence the FBI uncovered when analyzing the pilot’s personal computer.

mh-370-routeFunnily enough, this supposed route he practiced bared no fruit in finding the plane. You see, the problem with that lies in the fact that the only mystery a pilot is “allowed” to create is the why, much like the German Wings co-pilot that crashed the plane he was flying. The where and the what were out of his control, but the why remains a mystery.

Now, there has never been a civilian aircraft that crashed and was not found, so the idea that the pilot was able to somehow mastermind a mystery this big is ridiculous. No, the reason you are not allowed to know where the plane crashed is because once you do, you’ll eventually realize the plane could have never flown there with the fuel it carried. But now you know that aircraft manufacturers are in on the cover up. Any passenger aircraft can cover a much larger distance that the one reported by the manufacturer in the plane’s specs. So where could the plane have crashed? We’ve been told that the plane is somewhere in the Indian Ocean, and yet, after years of searches nothing as been uncovered.

waterAnd why? Well these things take time. Recently wreckage of a WWII bomber was discovered, so who knows if it is going to take us another 70 years to find the airplane. Will anyone even care by then?
Well, it won’t take that long because I’m going to tell you where you need to look.

Do you know what a garbage patch is? They are these massive islands of garbage that float around the Pacific Ocean. Yes, the Pacific Ocean. MH370 crashed in the Pacific Ocean. Now, look for the one that was closest to MH370’s route the night it disappeared and you will find the plane there. That is why no debris was found, it is being masked by all the garbage floating around it. I’m pretty sure ships are told to avoid these garbage patches as to not incur damage to their hull and engines. But more importantly, when you do find the plane, you’ll realize there is no way it could have flown there, unless distances are being manipulated and you’ve been lied to your entire life.

9-11It is funny how the American government always uses a tragedy to cover up their wrong doings.

Originally, when I decided to write this, I was going to finish here, but I’m going to address the recent closure of the solar-observatorySolar Observatory in New Mexico and why it happened. Lets just say it’s big. As you know, the FBI closed off and evacuated the area surrounding the Observatory without a single explanation to workers, residents and even local authorities.

There were also other observatories closed in foreign countries like Chile, Spain and Australia that completely contradict the official version that was provided by the FBI. The first reported cause for the closure was an espionage act conducted by Chinese spies. This served as an escape goat motive until a proper cover story could be cooked up. But it was a very good strategy to use the espionage angle for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it goes into the general fear of national secrets falling into foreign hands, and why not use the Chinese when everyday there is a report about a hacking attempt. And secondly, no foreign nation will ever confirm or deny an espionage act. If you deny something once and keep mum the next time, you are by omission confirming it. But obviously this was never seriously considered. They were just cooking a better cover story. So officially, the observatory was closed and the surrounding area evacuated because a janitor at the observatory was using the WiFi to download child porn. Now, we can all agree that child pornography is despicable, and that is exactly why it was used as a cover story. But lets dig trough some of the comments from official sources in the hopes you too can see trough the ridiculousness of it:

– The chief observer repeatedly found a laptop “plugged in and running” in offices that were either empty or weren’t often used. He described the laptop’s contents as “not good”. So this unidentified janitor left his laptop unattended and completely unprotected in an empty office several times, while child porn was being downloaded. The person that found this laptop didn’t think to apprehend the computer there and then and put an end to this. And I’m alittle confused. Did he use is own laptop or did he use a computer that belonged to the Observatory?

– The next day, the chief observer allegedly saw the janitor leaving the office where the laptop had been taken by the FBI. But the FBI came and closed the Observatory immediately. There wasn’t a next day after the FBI came.

– The janitor allegedly continued to “feverishly” search the observatory and bring up concerns about security, saying “it was only a matter of time before the facility ‘got hit.’ ” He also said a serial killer might murder someone at the observatory, documents said. But the FBI came and closed the Observatory immediately. There wasn’t a next day after the FBI came(I know I repeated the exact same phrase).

– While the janitor was named in court documents, he has not been charged. News outlets are
not identifying him.

I really hope some poor actual janitor did not have is life destroyed in some ridiculous cover up. But the most important part to take from this last statement is that no one has been charged. And you know why? So when you call the observatory or even the FBI they can give you a very nice “we cannot comment on an open investigation”. How many of you wanted to further investigate this matter and were told to let it go? If you are a journalist, call the Observatory or the FBI to see what they say, and then watch your superior tell you to drop
this NOW.
Maybe if you follow this you’ll end up discovering that janitors in those other observatories were also involved(I should be making these cover stories).
By the way, the Solar Observatory in New Mexico is state of the art compared to the other ones. Think of a top of the line professional photographic camera versus your very good phone camera.
So what really happened?
Well, you are about to be told about something that you have never considered, and that is how an advanced civilization would travel trough space. Let me start by saying you have been looking in the wrong place.

power-socketAs always I’m going to give one of my “grounded” examples to make it easier to explain. Look at this picture. This is a power socket. Its main purpose is to provide power so you can connect your appliances and power them (like the printer I hope you used to print this). If you’re in a room, there are probably a few in the walls. Do you know how they work?

Lets have a look at another picture. So basically they are connected in sequence, but you can use any of them in any order you want independently.


But you can use them for more than just powering appliances. With one of the adapters you see on the left you can now send and receive data and have internet in that attic where the WiFi signal doesn’t reach. And this adapter did all this trough the same power line it used to power itself. Now I want you to go back and look at the that schematic again but this time imagine that one of the sockets is our sun, the next one is the sun of Alpha Centauri and so on. This next picture exemplifies my point.

All stars are connected by an invisible thread. You see, as cool as jumping to hyperspace or going to warp speed sounds, traveling across millions of miles of empty space would be a waste of time and resources. And any scientist will tell you that we only have interest in visiting solar systems with an active star, where life could be sustained. The consensus is that we would need to fold space or travel trough a wormhole and that would require a tremendous amount of power. So how about using the sun as a power source and just navigating trough it?

We know that a dying star creates a black hole, that in theory takes you to another part of the universe, but why wait for a bridge to collapse to cross it?
And yes, I know that the sun is extremely hot and any object that got to close would be vaporized instantly. I’ll just say that there is a reason why UFOs are always shaped like a saucer.
The universe always provides a way for its inhabitants to travel, much like hundreds of years ago, sailors used wind and ocean currents to circumnavigate the globe. An advanced civilization would use this amazing network to move back and forth at tremendous speeds. And yes, it does sound like an intelligent design behind all this. And now you know why the observatory was closed. Because it recorded an arrival. The one that is going to change everything.
And since we just went into how you would travel trough the Cosmos, I’m gonna go into the final conspiracy, and you could say I left the big one for last.
I’m gonna talk to you about what happened in 1947 in Roswell, New Mexico and you are going to realize that everything you just read started with what happened there. But more importantly than that, I’m gonna tell you why it happened and why there. I have never seen anyone associate these two events together, or at least live to do so.


In 1945 the USA tested the first atomic bomb in New Mexico, on what is now the White Sands Missile Range. Any scientist will tell you that a nuclear explosion has a very specific energy signature and it is something that does not happen naturally. In fact there are satellites that are programmed to detect nuclear explosions by monitoring for these energy signatures. So someone came to our planet to investigate this occurrence. But then they crashed and it was covered up as a weather balloon malfunction. Remember that this UFO was destroyed in the crash, so the one in Area 51 came from Antarctica. I know that usually when talking about aliens and UFOs is the moment where one loses its credibility, so perhaps another one of my comparison scenarios might help.

You live peacefully in your community and one day in the horizon you see smoke. You think to yourself that the smoke is most likely a sign of another civilization that you did not know existed and that they might be in trouble. So you go there to investigate and help if needed. When you get there, you discovered horrified that those people were testing fire as a weapon and that they used it to savagely burn down a couple of villages, incinerating men,
women and children (that is Hiroshima and Nagasaki in case you didn’t get it). Unfortunately, you end up crashing and get captured. Throughout the years, other people from your community attempt to reach out to the ruling nations of this other civilization but are always met with hostility. The people from over there that report seeing your crafts and interacting with members of your community are always ridiculed, either by politicians, the media or pretty much everyone in general. No one will investigate these occurrences out of fear of being ridiculed and having their credibility destroyed.
You watch from afar as the people of those nations are being more oppressed everyday and the ruling powers getting greedier by the day.
You know that the day they find their way back to where you live they will fabricate whatever evidence they need to justify a conflict with you. But you also know that some of the people that live there are good and with proper guidance will be a tremendous addition to the already vast alliance of tribes you belong to.

You’ve already tried reaching out to the rulers and were turned away multiple times, so how do you make contact in a way that is clear and that everyone can see you? But more importantly, and this is the question you should be asking yourself, who do they make contact with? With the Americans that have been hiding the truth about our planet and the existence of other life out there all along for profit and greed? The Russians or the Chinese that also knew about it, but did nothing? What about the British, who all of a sudden discovered a new “love” for everything foreign? What about leaders of the European Union, that is starting to look more and more like a dictatorship? What about a different kind of ruling power like the Vatican? Will they usurp the truth as the word of a higher power, that only they control and lead us into another dark ages? And finally, what about you? Yes, you that are reading this? Are you ready to have entrusted to you knowledge and wisdom that can change mankind for the better, or will you keep it to yourself because it is your time to live a good life? You see, once you actually ask this question there isn’t really a clear cut answer. Maybe they should just leave us alone so we can simply destroy the planet and the ecosystem. After all, it is our planet, right? But what about all the other species that live in harmony and balance with the ecosystem? You know, the ones we are hunting to extinction. Should these other species just go gently into the night and never be seen or heard again?
As you see, if you really want to delve into this question is not really that simply. But do you really want to know how contact is going to be made?

There you go.


I know, these pictures are circulating online as alien fleet around the sun, but now you know they were not around the sun, they came out of the sun because that this is how you travel around the galaxy.
NASA and the American government know this, and they have started preparing for the mass panic that will no doubt come with the news that we are not alone in the universe. I expect an announcement to come any day now. You even have the new Presidential Alert system that was designed for this very occurrence, and not for the fires, earthquakes or tropical storms that have been happening for years now.
But I want you to know that the day you look up and think the world is coming to an end you don’t have to be afraid. And for you that just traveled trough an ocean of stars to come see us I only want to say SBAECSEDMA.

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  1. OMG!!!!!! Rarely have I ever wasted my time on such utter BS, by someone who appears to be frothing at the mouth with verbal diarrheas!
    Almost every current unscientific conspiracy theory is written here, and by the way, you missed out Intelligent Design vs Evolution. And of course H.A.R.P. It’s like reading the bibliology at the back of some pulp ebook for the less intelligent. Not to mention the typos and bad grammar. Still a lot of theories he has not covered tut,tut, so wait for the next installment, but please…not on this site.

  2. I gotta say it’s some great creative writing that exploits current gaps in knowledge and credibility…on all sides. I heard they have cameras on the ISS.

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