UFO Recorded On Video In Clear Daylight Above Mexico City

Mexico City UFO

A worker in Mexico observed an unidentified flying object in broad daylight.

The mysterious craft was seen travelling in the sky above Mexico City, and the witness captured the strange aerial activity on video.

As the UFO was moving across the sky, a couple of metres off the ground, it emanated a blurry field that was commonly reported from UFO enthusiasts.

Many viewers of the video believe the latest UFO sighting is substantial evidence of the existence of space aliens visiting Earth and it would have been definitive proof of the existence of extraterrestrials had the camera quality been better.

YouTube user Carlos Sanchez originally captured the video and conspiracy theorists around the internet quickly picked it up.

Some UFO hunters believe it is a genuine sighting of an alien spacecraft.

The dark craft reportedly came right out into the open, and a worker noticed it when they came outside for their break.

Some observers said that the UFO somewhat tilted as it moved, which was what many unidentified flying objects did to control their direction.

Unfortunately, the video looks blurry.

Some UFO enthusiasts think the video would be definitive proof of the existence of space aliens has it been an iPhone 7 or 8 being used.

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