Triangle UFO filmed over Warren, Michigan 20-Dec-2018

This interesting footage of a triangular-shaped UFO was filmed over Warren, MI on 20th December 2018.

Witness report: Witnessed a slow moving hovering triangular craft with 3 distinct lights at each corner and a red bliinking light in the center.
Driving south on Hoover road just south of 11 mile service drive when i witnessed a craft moving slowly in the sky; at first i thought this was a helicopter because of how slow it was moving through the sky. As it hovered slowly i stopped my car and took out my phone to video record what i was actually seeing. It was NOT a helicopter, did not hear any noise. It wasnt fast like a passenger aircraft. At hoover road it appeared to have changed direction and the craft flew towards the western sky. The direction change wasnt sudden or onset. The flight path of the object seemed to match the paths of other jets landing at Detroit Metro Airport but i can say for certain this was not a plane. Look at the video, it’s dark, yes, but you can see that it does not appear to be a plane.
This is my second time witnessing a flying triangular craft. The first one was witnessed in Birmingham, MI.

Author (source: MUFON)

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