UFO Appears On Live TV Newscast In Buenos Aires, Argentina


Two reporters were surprised during a live news broadcast when a box-shaped UFO started to cross the top of the giant TV screen. As the two are talking, a UFO on the far right appears at 16 seconds into the video, but they fail to notice the UFO until 36 seconds into the video.

 The size and shape of the UFO can be likened to the one that was spotted over New York a few days ago. The box shape UFO is somewhat more common than most of us think. The boxy UFO has no wings and propellers but moving across the sky at a very high speed, much faster than a balloon.

Several UFO enthusiasts believe the video is a remarkable proof that space aliens are slowly trying to get in the minds and hearts of the public.

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  1. I know all about UFOS! When I ws stationed in Naval air facility Mildenhall England back in 1973–76 the US air force had a UFO in 9ne of their hangers. Myself and another sailor ended up with large bruises on several parts of our body.we had gone to the air force hanger to look at the SR-71 that was operating from RAF Mildenhall Suffolk England and we ended up being questioned why we were there etc. And later escorted back to the Navy hanger. That night I had noticed while I was showing large bruises all over my body.

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