UFO filmed over Amman, Jordan 13-Dec-2018

This strange UFO was filmed over Amman in Jordan on 13th December 2018.

Witness report: It’s a horse shoe like with green lights on one side and red on the other we stable for ten minutes then twisted and turned and flew fast to the other direction. I was heading home with colleagues in the car when I noticed a strange horse shoe like shape in the sky with green and red lights, we stopped the car and defendant it still didn’t move and had a a very low light in the middle 5hat switched on and off it was fixed for 10min and the it started moving and twisting and I could see the round full shape then it flew to the opposite direction and lowered and I lost site.

Author (source: MUFON)

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  1. Too many people putting lights on drones and trying to claim they are UFO’s. The more people who fall for this, the more they’ll do it. Please don’t fall for the drone trick.

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