Strange Spinning Lights Spotted Over East London

Footage shows strange lights spinning in a large circle across the London night sky with a mysterious shining blue light from the middle. Many witnesses were quick to speculate a possible UFO sighting.

The video was apparently taken in Leyton, east London. It shows white dots of light spinning in a vast circle behind a cloud and moving across the night sky. A glowing blue light can be seen beaming through the cloud before the dispersal of the dots of light.

Many people speculated on Twitter over the strange lights. Some said that the video shows a UFO that was alien in origin. Others suggested that it could be a large projector of sorts in Tottenham. A few others claimed that they saw it too and they found out that it was from a laser light show in Walthamstow.

Linking a mysterious beam of light to the UFO phenomenon is not new. Just recently, a similar beam of light sent witnesses into a frenzy after it seemingly hovering across the Canadian sky, near the International Space Station.

Several viewers pointed out the similarity of the beam to the one spotted in Michigan in 2017, also close to the ISS. A large red beam of light can be seen in the live feed moving away from the atmosphere of the Earth.

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