UFOS, Warp Drives, and Stargates Are On The Secret List Of Pentagon Research Projects

The United States Defence Intelligence Agency has one great fear, and that is someone, somewhere has a secret advantage in the form of an unknown weapon that could wipe out the world’s superpower or even the world itself. So, it takes the talk of UFOs, warp drives and stargates seriously. In fact, it spent some serious money on it.

DIA went full secrecy and formed teams to deeply examine every single outlandish idea it encountered, according to files released under a freedom of information request.

Project on Government Secrecy director Steven Aftergood of Federation of American Scientists said that these kinds of topics need more money than you know to pursue.

The existence of research projects on nuclear-powered deep space propulsion, wormholes through space, invisibility cloaking, biomaterials and among others involving the likes of NASA, DARPA and private firms investigating these subjects are already known. However, their potential ties to black money of US Defence Department wasn’t.

In 2008, for example, NASA had serious studies on the potential of interstellar warp drive engines. In 2013, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory of NASA had engaged in serious studies on creating a warp field. Conspiracy theorists argued that it was a farfetched idea for NASA to be studying these subjects but not so much if DIA prodded and funded them.

Conspiracists believe the secret research funding of the DIA is a murky affair when it comes to spending defence funds. The New York Times wrote a report in 2017 revealing that much of the Pentagon’s $US22 million of black money research into UFOs could not be traced.

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