Australian Police Reveal a Video Showing a UFO In The Night Sky

Police in a remote part of Australia have shared out of this world video of a mysterious bright light hovering in the sky.

Taken during a thunderstorm, the footage quickly created speculation on aliens including from the Broome Police themselves, who suggested the video might have shown a UFO.

The bright light shining in the sky looks like a flying saucer. The police’s official Twitter feed interestingly followed by a string of UFO emoji. The police say that it appears we are not alone after reviewing the CCTV at town beach catching the night’s storm.

The video shows an odd object in the sky after a flash of bright lightning. The apparent UFO stays there as each flash in the sky seems to lit it. It then moves away and comes back again.

The police posted the video on Twitter and Facebook, and it has since received a lot of suggestions from the public.

Some believe it is a lens flare, but many others suggest that extraterrestrials are behind the bizarre activity in the night sky.

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  1. Very interesting, I don’t think it’s any sort of lens or shadow. Maybe it would never have shown up only for the lightning. It would help to have it examined to establish whether it was of metal.

  2. Too bad, it’s obviously a refraction from the vehicle.
    Let’s hope the police are bored and having a bit of tongue in cheek fun. Or it’s a grand place for criminals to hide. Just say they are aliens and they’ll be OK.

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