Harvard Professor Claims The First Interstellar Object In The Solar System Could Be Alien Ship


A Harvard professor has proposed that Oumuamua, which is the first to arrive interstellar object in our solar system, could be alien in origin.

University of Hawaii astronomers spotted the cigar-shaped object entering our solar system on October 19, 2017. Astrophysicists named it Oumuamua, which means a scout or messenger in the Hawaiian word.

The extraterrestrial visitor has a strange spaceship shape, and its origin is still unknown, which instantly fired wild speculations around the world.

Among several dozens of considered outlandish theories is that it’s an advanced alien technological equipment. However, this theory may not be as far-fetched as initially thought.

The chair of Harvard’s astronomy department Professor Avi Loeb argues it’s scientifically imperative to entertain the Oumuamua alien probe story until the evidence proves otherwise.

The Professor says that the scientific community stays away from discussing the search for alien civilisations because of the baggage from science fiction and unidentified flying objects (UFOs).

Professor believes that it is the wrong attitude because it’s like putting blinders on our eyes. He explains that it might not be the case, but it should be discussed as a possibility. He suggests collecting as much data on the next object class that we see to verify if this possibility is ruled out or ruled in.

He stresses that it is imperative not to dismiss any other hypothesis to check whether we are right in saying that something is just a rock.

Professor Loeb points out the strange thing about the Oumuamua. He says that it deviates from an orbit dictated by the gravity of the Sun and it shows no cometary tail or gas around it.

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