5 UFOs in the sky above Miami, Florida 27-Mar-2019

This UFO sighting was just submitted through our Facebook Page.

Witness report: We see this yesterday in Miami at 7:45 pm. A big mother sphere shot out 5 smaller spheres and they hovered for some time.

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  1. Some of those Sightings are really Noteworthy … Awesome, if I can use that grossly overworked Adjective ….. but what on Earth are those Beings trying to tell us ? This kind of Sighting has been going on for 70 years .. there is no Closure .. no End Product, just Massive Confusion. I’ve grown very tired of watching ‘Blaze’ Channel 63 with endless Accounts of Encounters. I had my first Encounter when I was 18… I’m now 78 … and no Further forward. I think the Human Race has been sold out by Traitors, Quislings, Turncoats of the Human variety. We can no longer trust Humans in High Places. Ken Cameron

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