Anthropology Expert Claims UFOs are Time Machines Of Our Distant Descendants

Most people think UFOs visit Earth from other planets way too far than we could imagine. However, a professor at Montana Tech believes otherwise.

Michael P. Masters says UFOs are much closer to home. He explains the phenomenon may be our race coming from the future and traveling through time to study their evolutionary past.

Masters reveals this theory in his newly released book “Identified Flying Objects.” Masters says he uses the science of his explanation about the reason people who report close encounters with aliens always describe these ETs the same way.

Masters states the alleged aliens are reported as having five fingers on each hand and foot, bi-lateral symmetry with two eyes, a mouth, a nose, as being bipedal, upright-walking and they can communicate with us using our languages.

Masters, who has a doctorate in anthropology from Ohio State University, understands this study may be called fringe science.  However, in the book, he defends the research.

Maters stresses he stands by the product and happy to talk about it with anyone. He explains the study is written for his academic peers much as it is for anyone in the UFO community.

Most people make flippant comments about little green men to show they don’t take it seriously, but the American Defense Department spent $22 million investigating the UFO phenomenon. Dr. Masters believes it is the right time scientists take a serious approach to the study of the phenomenon.

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  1. What a superflous report, in which a professor tells his ‘views’ in topics of ‘time’ and assumed time-travelling. Nothing more as an common educated teenie could tell you, too.
    The point is that neither a ‘professor’ nor a common human could tell you the mystery of ‘time’ – even when every living being is into it – strange enough.
    Sure, time as the major ‘ruler’ of our space-time-continuum is at top.
    Therefore any living being in universe is ruled by the time.
    Time always goes in one direction: Forward – and never back.
    Imagine that any civilization probably exists much longer as we do, say a million of years, then you can easily imagine their so much expanded development in comparison to us.
    THEY lived and do live in the same stream of time as we do, with the only difference that they live ‘longer’ than we do.
    But the term ‘time’ is a bit tricky and depends on the ‘viewers’ position, because it is the ‘relativity’, your own position which shows you the ‘part of time’ you live in – it is unchangeable.
    So, if you as a civilisation, live since a million of years longer than humankind, then you are logically one million years more ‘experienced’ and more intelligent.
    If you have the possibility to ‘look back’ in time, you probably can visit ‘times’ in your past. So you go there and look.
    For the people in that ‘past’ you will appear as ‘visitors from future’, which you really are, but only in relative meaning, because you just travelled back in your one million years longer time meanwhile the persons in the past you visit, they will see you as visitors ‘from future’.
    You even could visit your parents from hundreds of years ago – in real time.
    But never you could travel into ‘your’ future – for just a simple reason: The future (wherever in time you are)- you cannot go to, because it has not yet happened – at least in the second of your viewing.

    But all this seems to be unknown by the likewise unknown webmaster here, he has no clue and even no any idea, but published this cheap report anyway. What a shame.

  2. his comments are only a theory that conclude we are related to these beings. as to your very own theory about time. you make alot of sense and could be true. but eventually, we may never know who is right and who is wrong. unless…we make actual contact with a being that has actually traveled through time. until then, we can only speculate our origins and where we are heading.
    as to the news report, why is it newscasters have to present o.f.o. sightings like just a crazy story they have to present. flippant giggle of the lady newscaster irks me.

    • Dear Mark, after a time I came back here for just look if anyone has possibly sent an answer. I saw yours and therefore I send a big thanks to your reply!
      I can only answer short because the restricted space here.
      ‘His’ comments are only theory – as you wrote.
      Yes, he wrote theory, but it was not ME who wrote theory.
      I have experienced some very unexplainable incidents, so to say.
      And I am in very good mind conditions, I can tell.
      How could I describe these very strange time-phenomenons – if I would not have experienced them just in real, in full awareness and consciousness?
      There were meetings as if I would meet you in your house or just in the streets, in real, in real time, speaking to each other, looking at each other, even shake your hands in real.
      And what would you say if I tell you that I come from the year 2018, meanwhile you would live in your real time which is the year 1800 exactly?
      There is no theory behind, because I have met my real parents in the year 1800. My parents recognised me as their son. My mother broke down in tears, she was just over stressed when she saw me. But we talked and I saw her very close, I saw her face very close, her skin, saw her hair which was a bit gray from earlier black color. She talked to me.
      I saw my father sitting at the kitchen table, with two hands holding his head, looking down and made a movement as ‘no, no, no’.
      I was there in their house, can describe the house, the rooms, the kitchen, table, chairs, all the interior. All that was real.
      What an unbelievable story if I would tell you how this so strange experience took place, you would be over stressed in a single moment.
      But not me. In just a moment I was ‘sent’ into another time.
      Simply imagine you look the TV and see the news, and in a moment later you ‘have been sent’ to a very far away place anywhere on Earth. And if you walk there, you soon will notice that it is in a very different time, let’s say just 200 years earlier. So it was, exactly.
      Sure I can describe all the details, including my earlier parents in every detail.
      SO it is. It can become real in any moment, unimportant your understanding and believings of the term ‘TIME’ or what you would connect with it.
      Oh, in another incident I was been sent into very strange ‘rooms’ anywhere in Universe. There was even a voice which told me the ‘mechanism’ of those rooms. If you could see what I have seen, then there would no any question from your side. These ‘rooms’ with so shimmering white light and with countless (!!!) doors in an endless line just left side from me, you could not imagine. But I was there. And slowly enough I began to realise what all this is and why it is. It was an extra terrestrial place and I do not know where in Universe it is placed, but I was there. I realised, even just before the voice told it to me, what all the ‘facility’ really means, why it was ‘constructed’, of course by a very high developed civilisation, because for our ‘humankind’ it would be completely impossible to just create rooms like these. Those rooms as I recognized, were rooms of ‘eternity’ very literally spoken. So I called these rooms ‘Rooms of Eternity’, Rooms of the ‘Never ending Now’. It’s totaaly unimaginable for any living human, but I was there, and likewise the ‘1800 incident’ with meeting my earlier parents, I can describe the rooms of eternity very precisely and in any detail.
      By the way: I was been sent there TWICE ! Only minutes after the first visitation I was been sent again into these so strange rooms. In the second incident I felt much more relaxed and I even began to examine the room! I even walked through one of the countless doors left hand from my position. I realised very quickly that every door left from me, it was a special area of time – a stored special piece of the PAST. In the middle door just in front of me it was the one door containing the ‘never ending NOW’, right hand I could only see some doors instead of the many because the following doors were surrounded by a kind of ‘fog’. And I realized that these doors are the ‘future’ which did not yet took place. And therefore they were in ‘fog’.
      All these ‘events’ – either ‘my parents from the year 1800’ as well as the ‘rooms of eternity’ are REAL and I WAS there in REAL. As I said before in any incident I can describe every even tiny details.
      So in summary, I do know a lot of ‘time’, of ‘time travelling’ and ‘meeting persons or facilities’. All these strange meetings I have experienced only some years ago – so could be named as incidents in presence!
      But in terms of ‘parents’ I travelled back in time, therefore they saw me as a ‘time traveller’ from future, meanwhile I went only BACK in time, but appeared to them as one of future.
      In terms of ‘rooms of eternity’ it is diffrent, because I did not travel back in time, in contrary, I was been sent to a ‘room’ existing right now and in the presence. But that visited room contains ALL the times – as in any kind of being ‘preserved’ – and when I looked at all the doors of (past) I knew that the times – including all actions, all ideas, all the humans minds, including all their failures, here they are ‘stored’ for all the times, for eternity.
      And that is the truth, I realised and it was additionally told to me.
      Regarding your lines here ‘we make actual contact with a being that has actually traveled through time’
      you HAVE found such a being – and it is me.
      Must finish now.

    • Dear Amy, your comment is somehow strange.
      For to explain: It makes no difference for reality, whether you are here or ‘have been away too long.’
      So it is your right decision when mentioning ‘I ain’t touching this one.’

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