UFO Over Newbury Left Local Dog Terrified

A UFO sighting left a pet terrified in Newbury, Berkshire. An unnamed witness has reported into the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) their UFO sighting on the night of February 13. According to the report, they were walking their dog in Boxford, West Berkshire when suddenly a black triangle zoomed overhead, flying at nearly 40 miles per hour.

The UFO was moving without noise and about one kilometre in the sky, according to the witness. They said that the mysterious object reminiscent of a football stadium light.

The witness wrote in their report that the two leading edges seemed longer than the rear side, around 60-40 percent.

The rear edge looked like a light strip appearing a bit like a classic sci-fi light drive, according to the report. The lights were like the ones in the football stadium but not as bright.

The witness saw flashing red and white lights at the tips where white may have been constant, and red was flashing. They did not notice lights underneath, and the body looked to be satin/matte black.

The witness noticed their dog appeared to be disturbed as it jumped around three or four times and made a squeaky noise.

MUFON investigators are still verifying the report.

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