Plymouth Resident Captures A Video Of UFOs During Fierce Lightning Storm

Dozens of witnesses sent in photos and videos of the lightning that hit Plymouth recently. Residents saw intense flashes of lightning and heard thunder across the area following the extremely humid weather.

However, one man believes he may have caught more than just a bolt of lightning.

Ben Williams claimed to have captured something on his camera just before midnight.

Mr Williams said that he tried to freeze-frame it to see a better picture as it was swift, but there was something to see.

The footage was taken through a mobile phone camera. When slowed down, the video seems to show some UFOs appearing and disappearing out of thin air.

Video experts say the blobs are relatively identical but do not look like marks on the camera because of the rate in which they are visible.

Mr Williams is very interested to know what could be the reason for the mysterious shapes. He recorded the video outside his home to see some good lightning but got more than just that instead.

The shadowy shapes appear for a split second on the video during a fierce lightning strike before disappearing as quickly as they arrived.

The larger of the orbs is very distinguishable on the centre right of the screen when the video is slowed down.

So, what could this mystery object be?

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