US Congressman Warns UFOs Could Pose a Serious Threat on National Security

A US Congressman warns that UFOs could pose a severe security risk in a letter written to the Navy. North Carolina Republican Representative Mark Walker also asked if investigators had recovered physical evidence of unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP).

After hearing dozens of reports of strange encounters between highly advanced UFOs and naval aviators, the former pastor wrote to US Navy Secretary Richard Spencer.

In the past two years, information of unexplained sightings has been leaking out after details of Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP), which was a secret government programme, leaked into the public domain.

This project was involved in investigating and exploring UFO encounters and exotic technologies such as antigravity, wormholes, cloaking, high energy laser weapons, and warp drives.

In his letter, Walker believes that details on encounters with UAPs are vital to the national security and scientific research as well as to public interest.

Dozens of US Navy pilots have reported UAP encounters. They described these UFOs as no visible engine and no exhaust plumes, but flying at hypersonic speeds and soaring to incredible heights.

Nick Pope

Nick Pope, a former investigator at the British Ministry of Defence, said the letter from Congressman Mark Walker is a sign of the growing political pressure for answers about UFOs and is consistent to the reports that many US Senators have received a classified briefing from Pentagon on the situation. Nick Pope also believes that Walker’s letter comes on the heels of the revelation from President Donald Trump that he had a meeting on the issue.

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  1. Nick Pope is known by telling truth.
    So, whatever he tells, it is grounded in truth.
    In strong contrast what others tell.
    It is therefore YOUR task to find out truth.
    It’s not the question of what your small imagination of so called ‘belief’ is grounded in.
    More it will overstress you to read about truth.
    And you have no tiny idea about the truth and what it really is.
    That’s the sad fact, but it was your choice – as influenced and blind beings.

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