UFO Abductee Warns Not To Contact ETs

An extraterrestrial abductee Darrel Sims

An extraterrestrial abductee has issued a warning saying evil space aliens should always be avoided. Darrel Sims, an ex-CIA operative and a private investigator, is among those who claim to have been abducted by ETs. Mr Sims has said he has 40 years of experience in examining proof of human-alien contact. And he believes aliens are likely malevolent than friendly.

Sims said that we should be wary of trying to phone ETs because people who have positive contact experience are being fooled of the truth. He said these aliens would deceive humans of all these beautiful things, such as they are here to help the planet, but none of which they have ever done.

Sims explained that when people have a positive contact experience, it only means that you have accepted the program.

On the other hand, when people feel they have been abducted or taken without their will, that means they are uninformed people who attempt to contact ETs.

He said that some people have died as a result of alien abduction while others have been injured.

He warned that aliens are smarter and can manipulate humans.

Sims said he handled around 2,000 cases in different parts of the world and have spoken to literally tens of thousands of others.

Sims said that he spoke to a lady who had cut marks from her sternum to her naval and this lady told him that she has never had surgery in her life. He explained that this lady actually had surgery but just didn’t remember it.

Sims also revealed that aliens abducted him at the age of four. He recalled that an alien was in his room and he thought it would walk into the wall, but it just went through. During this encounter, no speech or communication of any kind comes from the entity. Sims described it to have long and skinny arms and legs with a thin body and neck. He added that it has a bulbous head that is cocked slightly to the side.

Sims explained that the alien tried to alter his memories into thinking he observed a clown, so he would not remember the encounter or being kidnapped.

Sims believes we are being hoodwinked, but he does not know the reason, and he wants an answer to that.

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  1. I do belive everything you are saying but what can we do when and if we are abducted.In reality the ball is in their court.But in your opinuion what should we do just ride it out.

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