Mysterious Flashing Lights in Ayrshire Skyline Spook Glasgow Couple

Adam Devlin and Maxine Steel spotted the bright white lights spinning in the clouds while traveling on the A77 near Galston at around 9 pm.

The Ayrshire couple were left baffled after seeing the strange lights. Adam,29, said they had no idea as to what it was. He added that it was one of the most unusual things he had ever seen.

The mysterious lights totally freaked them out, according to Adam. He was confident it wasn’t a helicopter or a plane. He thought it could have been a UFO.

Now residents in Glasgow, the couple were driving down visiting family when the strange lights caught their attention reflecting on their windscreen. At first, Adam did not think anything of it, but then they stopped the car, and there was nothing else around. They heard no sound from the lights.

Adam said the lights were up in the clouds spinning around in a circular motion. Maxine added that they were freaking out, and they did not and still don’t have a clue about the unusual lights.

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  1. I have seen similar, twice, years ago. Freaked everyone out in our small community.
    The first was from a fairground,shining lights on low clouds and the second was the same thing, this time with searchlights, flashing colors at some grand opening. Just saying!

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