Noted Astrophysicist Says The Evidence on UFOs Is Overwhelming

This is another exciting interview we wanted to share with UFO enthusiasts who may have missed it. It talks about those three videos of UFOs captured by the military. As you may have read already, the Navy has finally confirmed that the videos are real and considered the objects in question “unidentified.”

Since that time, renowned astrophysicist Michio Kaku has been discussing the subject on several occasions, including during a conference in Spain, which caught the attention of the mainstream media. He’s since been doing various interviews where he provides more details on the subject. Recently, he was on Fox News with Tucker Carlson. He revealed that he had seen enough evidence at this point to draw some scientific conclusions.

Before you get into the video, we just wanted to highlight some points from this interview. First of all, Michio previously said that the onus was now on the government to prove that these UFOs were not extraterrestrial origin. However, Michio declared on the interview this weekend the videos to be “a gamechanger.” He explained that reviews of the videos and reports of the pilots had provided some complicated, testable science to work, including velocities and acceleration rates. Michio called the evidence “overwhelming.”

Having said all of that, however, Professor Michio appears to step back just a bit when Tucker throws him with the hard question twice. Tucker asks Michio if humans could have been built the craft based on what we know of physics. The first time, Michio responds by discussing millions of planets orbiting other stars and the interesting possibility that someone up there might be monitoring us.

The second time, he comes somewhat closer, but still won’t call it impossible that these machines are human-made. Michio said that he was still waiting for explanations from someone how humans can create a craft with no visible means of propulsion but can hover in place over the ocean and take off at Mach 5.

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  1. UFO/ALIEN info has been here on earth since ADAM and EVE. The cover up has always been. As we know GOD of the BIBLE is real, so there are many ALIEN RACES. We in our time may see their open arrival. It is foolish for NASA, SETI, and anyone else in this field to deny this fact.

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