YouTube Video Shows UFO Hovering Over Earth

A mysterious object was observed on live footage of NASA from the International Space Station (ISS), prompting speculations that the triangular UFO may be a real American Space Force ship.

YouTube user MrMBB333 shared a bizarre video showing the UFO apparently flying in the ISS vicinity.

According to the user, this isn’t a reflection but an actual sizeable triangular object that reflects light itself.

They claimed that the UFO sped up prior to vanishing in the live feed. When the user zooms in the clip and brings it in slow motion, the light seems reflecting off it and appears glistening.

The exciting video instantly attracted the attention of UFO enthusiasts and other conspiracy theorists who have suggested the clip could reveal proof of the existence of the US Space Force.

US President Donald Trump proposed in August the establishment of US Space Command (SPACECOM), stressing that US military assets must get the freedom in space operation to detect and destroy missiles launched against the nation.

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