Several Residents Have Witnessed a UFO in the Dubai Sky

UAE residents who happened to be outdoors shared clips online, showing a glowing object that flew over Al Khalil Road on Wednesday night.

According to the report, a single UFO appeared for a short time at around 7:45 pm over the skies of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

Astronomer Ebrahim Al Jarwan said that this was the second reported sighting within the month.

Al Jarwan, who works at Sharjah Planetarium as a general supervisor, stated that they have also been investigating the strange incident.

Indian expatriate Shiny Shajudheen and daughter Ashley spotted the UFO in the sky from Al Khail Gate in Al Quoz at around 7:50 pm.

According to Mr Shajudheen, he was driving within their community, and his daughter first saw the strange fireball. He then pulled over and took a video.

Before hitting the record button, he saw two trails of flares crisscrossing each other. The video only shows both of them swirling while slowing going down.

He said that it was an impressive sight, but they felt scared as they could not understand what they had witnessed.

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  1. I’ve seen so many of these videos, they’re getting more and more common. They are pyrotechnic sky divers, so the next time you see this, you’ll know what they are, case closed.

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