UFO sighting video from Hot Spring, Arkansas 2019

This video was just submitted to me via our Facebook page. It was filmed over Hot Spring, Arkansas earlier in 2019.

Witness report: This was taken in hot springs Arkansas a few months back. I’ll have to see if I can get the exact date. I’ll send the full video to you in a bit. I cut it down to what you see this because this was really the best of the footage.

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  1. Looks like the one I saw last summer. I reacted the same way. The thing is that I got a good look at it right above me and it was definitely not a normal craft. It had some kind of substance or like a gas that it pushed out that went to the trees and awirled around and then went back inside the craft. It is the last thing I think about every night before bed. Kinda wish I wouldn’t have seen it now cause I know I’ll probably never get the answers I want.

  2. Possibly asteroids if time was evening or pre-dawn and not directly overhead. Reddish glow is result of reflected sunlight through the atmosphere, same as a red sunset. Please try to find the date and time.

  3. The stupidity of Earth-Humans is simply proved by the 3 comments of brainwashed souls – with one exception: The first writer and his answer.
    However, the video shows a clearly movement of some ‘unknown’ devices moving in the skies.

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