NEW sighting from UFO hospot ECETI ranch, WA

Washington UFOs

New UFO footage was recorded from UFO hotspot ECETI ranch in Washington on 23rd December 2019.

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  1. Nice Video, as made with night-vision device.
    Sure, an outstanding recording.
    But it is nothing to compared with all my views at the nightsky, from september to December.
    I laid my focus onto a very special ‘blinking ship’ which not only blinked up, but even changed its course (heading).
    Due to its weak light-ups it would impossible to record it.
    But I have made some sreenshots by using the space-program Stellarium, where I draw in the position of that strange blinking space-ship from my memory just minutes ago.
    So I can clearly send my agreement to this man who took this video-recording.
    >Since a long time (over several years!!) there appears a real space ship crossing the skies in all same sectors of crossing, which due to my sightings is located in the area of Cygnus and a bit lower right, the Vega.
    I saw it often enough in the several nights, saw it even when changing its course.
    It is true, I can confirm.
    I live in North-West-Germany and my view from my balcony is from west to south-west.
    But people do look at their ‘soap-boxes’ instead to the skies, so they do not take notice from what is going on there……..

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