US Government is Holding Evidence of UFO Wreckage, Fox News Host Claims

Texas UFO sightings

Tucker Carlson, a vocal host of Fox News, has stunningly alleged the US government is hiding proof of UFO wreckage from the public.

Recently appeared on the Ancient Aliens of History Channel, the conservative political commentator was asked about his knowledge on extraterrestrial life.

Talking to journalist Nick Pope, Tucker said that he heard it from someone who he believes is knowledgeable in the subject. He claimed that there’s physical evidence that the American government is hiding that would tell a lot more about what are these objects.

Tucker revealed that the person who told him is someone who worked on the subject within the government for many years and who would know.

Tucker has sparked waves of controversies on his show Tucker Carlson Tonight over the years.

Three days after an El Paso, Texas mass shooting in August, where a shooter wrote a manifesto on a “Hispanic invasion of Texas,” he stated that white supremacy wasn’t a real issue.

In December 2018, he said about immigrants that we have a moral obligation to admit the world is poor even if it makes our nation poorer, dirtier, and more divided.

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