UFO Encounters Of Japan Air Lines Flight 1628

flight 1628 ufo

A JAL cargo flight from Paris to Tokyo reported having observed a pair of UFOs shadowing them as they passed Iceland and Alaska in November 1986. The crew were not prone to be confused any flying objects with balloons or clouds as they were experienced flyers. They all agreed that they spotted an unknown aerial vehicle.

The unidentified tube or possibly square-shaped craft was observed with glowing thrusters and heated the cabin of the JAL jumbo at closest approach.

The captain of the jumbo Kenju Terauchi, who was also a fighter pilot, had over 10,000 hours flight experience.

He said that one of the UFO was moving as if there was no such thing as gravity. The craft sped up, stopped, and then flew at their speed, in their direction. The next instant, the UFO changed course like it was defying the gravity.

Moments later, a second, larger craft appeared to match the flight path of the 747.

Radar returns brought two or more interpretations with civilian and military stations reporting different results.

The sighting lasted for around 50 minutes. Captain Terauchi was grounded for a lengthy period after the incident. He only returned to flight duties many years later.

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