Multiple UFOs over Sedona, Arizona

Mass UFO sighting that was just submitted to MUFON. This was filmed over 20th July 2017 over Sedona, Arizona.

Witness report: I didn’t think much of this until I saw another video recently on TV that looked just like this but it was in Mexico I think. I took the video because I couldn’t tell what these lights moving across the sky were and I thought if I had it on camera I could zoom in and get a better idea. I had no idea it might be UFO’s until I recently watched a show on TV with a video that had similar lights and they were identified as UFO’s. So here you go…hope it proves to be something of interest to you and that you might identify what these things are.

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  1. Your title says Sedona, Arizona, but your post indicates Sedona, Texas. Also there’s nothing identifying who filmed this. Too many inconsistencies and too little solid information, investigation.

    • It looks similar to chinese lanterns, but visible in daylight? No.
      However, it is remarkable to see their almost synchronously moving. Look like a kind of ‘ballons’ which they are not because the visibility in daylight.
      So it CAN be a group of UFOs hovering over the skies, as often seen in South America.
      By the way, over a long time I was in contact with a person living in Arizona. He often reported sightings of UFOs, he even claimed to be in contact with the beings. He called them ‘babys’. Very special and cautious beings, almost gently. My question why they are here he replied: They like to act in invisibilty because they mistrust any human being. They are simply gathering some seldom minerals here on Earth.
      Since some years I have lost the contact to him. Maybe he has died because his age. I feel sorry.

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