AMAZING: Triangle UFO over Minneapolis, MN 27-Mar-2020

Another great UFO footage was just submitted to us through our Facebook page. This was filmed in the night sky above Minneapolis, Minnesota on Friday, 27th March 2020.

What do you think this was? Please leave your comment below!

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  1. pretty much EVERY authentic ufo video has these tiny flashing lights that mimic mosquitoes but they are not bugs! this one has it too at the very beginning to the left where the tree is, theres a mimic. i think these things have intelligence. they almost always form into an actual orb/light anomaly and fall into formation of some kind. this is definitely REAL.

  2. How many people we can we only wonder are aware those burning suns are thermonuclear warheads in a controlled burn-off sparing the residents’ below loss of life form by nuclear war?

    Near the end of the video, we see a 4th hydrogen warhead begin to burn. The facility of mind to perceive these are thermonuclear warheads that are in a controlled burn off by the Martians. Will that ability to think maturely not help us to stop the war?

  3. The trees are full of leaves. This isn’t something you’ll see by the end of March in Minneapolis, Mn. Trees typically bud out in earnest about May 1st to the 15th.

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