SpaceX Livestream Shows Mysterious UFO


Extraterrestrial researchers have claimed they spotted a sliver UFO during a livestream from one of the Starlink satellites of SpaceX.

The mysterious object was observed during the livestream on March 18.

Using Falcon 9 rockets, Space X successfully launched into orbit 60 Starlink satellites at the end of February, the fourth Starlink’s overall launch.

Alien hunters actually noticed two UFOs within 20 seconds, but the closer one was more visible. They observed its detail as a silver bowl with vast and fat domes on top and bottom. They also noticed the side disk edges were small and thin.

NASA scientists argued that all the reported strange UFO sightings were nothing more than “space dandruff” hovering in front of cameras.

According to former NASA engineer James Oberg, these spots of dandruff can be anything from flakes of ice, parts of chipped paint in zero gravity, or ISS insulation that has broken off.

However, some UFO hunters don’t believe these kinds of mundane explanations, saying that they only meant to push away the public from the truth.

The Starlink network currently composed of more than 200 satellites. The government plans to have 22 launches this year to form a constellation of hundreds of satellites for the creation of a global broadband internet network.

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