Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind: Contact Has Begun

World Premiere of the film is April 6th in LA.

“Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind” is a feature documentary presented by Dr. Steven Greer, the global authority on extraterrestrials who created the worldwide disclosure movement and routinely briefs presidents and heads of state on the ET phenomenon. His previous works, Sirius and Unacknowledged, broke crowdfunding records and ignited a grassroots movement. In this film, Dr. Greer presents the most dangerous information that the architects of secrecy don’t want you to know: how forgotten spiritual knowledge holds the key to humans initiating contact with advanced ET civilizations. The film features groundbreaking video and photographic evidence and supporting interviews from prominent figures such as Adam Curry of Princeton’s PEAR Lab; legendary civil rights attorney Daniel Sheehan, and Dr. Russell Targ, who headed the CIA’s top-secret remote viewing program. Their message: For thousands of people, contact has begun. This is their story.

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  1. “Dr. Greer presents the most dangerous information that the architects of secrecy don’t want you to know: how forgotten spiritual knowledge holds the key to humans initiating contact with advanced ET civilizations.”

    Okay, I do not need to see the video for to realize of what he is speaking about.
    I am very familiar to make contact with ‘higher beings of higher realms’ so to say. And have got back very strong, loud voices and even physically proof (!!!) of beings who visited me!
    So – the question regarding ‘spiritual knowledge’ same as ‘contact with advanced ET civilizations’ is just a wellknown and so called ‘old hat’ for me.
    The point is that Steven Greer has obviously no any connection to the ‘higher worlds’ or ‘higher beings’ as I have had and have.
    Therefore he can have no any special knowledege which is so important to have.
    I followed his so strong works about aliens and beyond all over the years.
    So I can state that he is on a very good way, but isn’t be able to reach the ‘master-point’ so to say, which is the ultimate contact and the real communication – which by the way – takes place even over several lightyears of distance – just in less than a second, as it was proven to me in several contacts. And with results, which everyone’s mind would just brake down because the unbelievable and even visible reality ‘they’ are able to present to you – real, visible, speaking, loving, creating ‘wonders’ just before your eyes.
    So that’s the reason why I need to write a book of all about the ‘unbelievable’.
    But they told me to ‘do NOT’ publish all that.
    And later I began to understand their strong recommendations.
    For you the readers: Nothing comes from nothing.
    It is in your hands and minds as it ever was and never the opposite.
    But all of you have forgotten the most precious connection you ever had since your birth, replaced now by ‘modern devices’ to make you ‘able to be connected with the whole earth people’, for the price which you pay:
    No more privacy, no more freedom, always be watched by any movement you do, just to become a real >SLAVE<, which you already have become to.
    It was your own responsibility, but you have given it away, so it is your own payload you have to carry, and at a special point of your existence, you will been asked for exactly your responsibility in regards of the whole planet.
    And you will fail in almost every point.
    Too late to claim the term 'connected', too late to claim your 'innocence', because your daily life with strong arguments exactly against the 'rules'.
    Contacts you possibly ask? WHICH contacts – except your lousy ego-minded and lying reality, but always focused onto own 'advantage' paid by 'others' but never YOU?
    There is a mirror right in front of you. you need just to look into it.
    Then it is the time for you – to see.
    The reality is not on virtual handy-screens, instead it is real, when switch off the lousy devices and to 'stand' for just yourself.
    There the truth will catch you, naked, same as you were born into this world.
    Play your lousy 'tricks' – no way, no chance.
    You do not believe me? Your choice to deny truth.
    It will be you to stand naked in all your 'beautiful appearence'
    And there will be no anybody else to act for you.
    To note – 'Living_Soul' means my 3rd incarnation of living here.

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