Daytime disc-shaped UFO VIDEO: Brooklyn, NY – March 2020

New footage of a solid black oval disc-shaped object flying in the sky above Brooklyn, New York on Saturday, 14th March 2020.

Witness report: Very flat donut shaped disc, black in color, no noise, very quiet neighborhood other than birds and occasional cars passing by. I walk my dog every morning at 7am. Today i stepped out for no more than 60 seconds when the brightness of the moon caught my attention.As I glared at the moon for a bit, I saw this flat,black, disc shaped donut appear from over the houses across the street so I immediately took out my phone and started to record it. Got about 2mins on film and went online seeking disc shaped drones… Nothing resembled what I saw and what youre seeing in my video. Then I tried searching flat donut shaped UFOs and found a bunch of these objects like the one in my video. I cant say for sure what it is, but it’s definitely unidentifiable. I hope the public can help me figure out what I saw. Oh and excuse my language, it’s a NYC thing.

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