Top 10 Best Alien/UFO Documentaries

Aliens Killing Human Beings

If you’re still watching the stars, these are the alien docs to watch. We’ll be looking at the most popular and provocative alien documentaries ever made. We’re not saying it’s aliens but . . . you should check these out. Youtube’s WatchMojo ranks the best alien docs to watch. What do you think is the best alien doc? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. First of all you need to get your facts straight. He never said he saw an alien.. This is the problem with disinformation pieces like this.. Keep sipping the government brew of lies.. The Pentagon just confirmed they are real. So Denying the truth is just plain ignorance. Multiple Presidents have said yes there are E.T. out there.. As well as many other in the government. NASA are the kings of lying to the public. If your looking for the truth your not watching it here!

  2. A lot of presidents have also looked into the matter of UFOs and been told there is nothing. Still I like Obama’s bit from Jimmy Kimmel
    Kimmel: Are there aliens or UFO’S?
    Obama: I never heard of anything like that, no.
    Kimmel: Would you tell us if you knew?

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