Cylindrical UFO over Littleton, Oregon 10-May-2020

The UFO video has been reportedly shot on 10th may 2020 at the Littleton municipality in the state of Colorado. The video starts with focus on the Unidentified flying object which is apparently moving rapidly across the skies like a phantom and possibly rotating or spinning in unnatural way. The movement of UFO is so rapid that it seems to be teleporting itself in some zig zag way across the sky, one moment it is at one place and suddenly it moves across the frame to be somewhere else. Even the shape of the UFO is not certain as it seems to be transforming itself mid-flight but at instances it apparently has a cylindrical pipe like body with golden colour and a red conical top which resembles a bullet. The whining sound made by the UFO can be heard throughout the video.  

Witness report: Spining shapeshifting cylinder UFO. I was in my backyard looking up in the sky and I noticed a bright flash so I got my camera and started taking pictures and a video of a Cylinder like spinning object.

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  1. Interesting sighting. I always prefer to see daylight sightings as to just lights in the sky. Totally unknown this is.

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