Flashing lights seen and filmed over Cheshire, UK 20-May-2020

Cheshire UFOs

In a relatively rare and unconventional sighting, a bizarrely shaped UFO was recorded by a UK family flying over their home. In the clear night sky, an oddly shaped object with lights flashing in an unknown but a predictable pattern was seen. If pattern of flashing lights is looked at and visualised clearly, two things can be predicted about the UFO. First, the size of the UFO can be determined by measuring the area and based on the video it can be surmised that the UFO had a vast expanse. Secondly, the blinking lights formed the patterns that were very similar to the constellations of stars out there in the space. Maybe the spaceship was showing locations in space with the images of different constellations. This kind of lighting pattern is not seen often in the history of UFOs.

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  1. It is clearer to say: ‘In a relatively rare and unconventional sighting, a UK family recorded a bizarrely shaped UFO flying over their home.’ Otherwise, we’re not sure whether the family was flying over their own house while recording the UFO.

  2. A somewhat strange video. Not clear what was the point of interesting.
    Likewise the woman’s voice in background, which appears as repeating voice.
    So the whole video appears as fake, sorry

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