Multiple UFOs filmed over Bradenton, Florida 9-May-2020

These UFOs were caught on tape in the night sky above Bradenton in Florida. This strange event was taking place on 9th May 2020.

Witness report: I work as a delivery driver, on my way to a delivery I noticed several lights in the sky, three at first. I pulled out my phone and took a video as I was driving. The video doesn’t do the sighting much justice. I pulled over to get a better view and by this time there were roughly 20 lights in the sky. My camera caught some, but not all. I took the 3-4 minute video, and decided i needed to get on with work. There were other witnesses, but I wouldn’t have their contact info. Completely silent as far as I could tell, and the lights seemed to multiply. As in splitting apart, or duplication. The only other theory that holds water is chinese lanterns.

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