Recent UFO sighting video: Vista, California 31-Mar-2020

These lights were filmed over Vista, California on 31 March 2020. In the night skies of California, filled with immense darkness, a rather outlandish appearance caught the eyes of the spectators. The video recorder was sitting by his window when he happened to witness something strange and something unfamiliar in the dark sky. There was a continuous streak of lights arranged in a straight line that could be seen twinkling from his window. Initially there were 4 spots of very bright light that could be seen hovering in the sky. Then as time progressed, the three more lights joined the streak. Then suddenly all seven lights started blinking in an unrecognisable pattern, such as the one used while communicating using MORSE CODE. Whatever it was and most probably a UFO, it was trying to maybe signal something or communicate with someone on the ground through the medium of twinkling lights. The spaceship sent out the light signals for almost 5 minutes, and then it slowly started shutting off his lights one by one in a particular pattern and finally it completely disappeared into the darkness.

Witness report: Saw lights go from 1 to 7 and back to 1 then gone, then 1. While in spa noticed an odd light ( color and placement) while watching a second light appeared next to the first , then after a few seconds a 3rd and then a 4th. I grabbed my iPad and began filming at 4. The video is over 6 minutes and shows the line of hovering lights go from 4 to 7 and then disappear 1 by 1 until all gone.
The filming began at 8:32 and at 8:42-ish we went inside. At 9:14 I looked briefly and There was 1 light.

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  1. Is it just too unthinkable to accept that those glittering lights in the sky are thermonuclear warheads in a Martian controlled burn off? Good camera work, did we note the magnification as the last warhead burned out of fuel?

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