Recent UFO sighting filmed in Dublin, Ireland 18-May-2020

In one of the first ever bizarre sightings from Ireland, an orange coloured flash of light appeared in the otherwise cloudy sky. The orange coloured dot looked like it was smeared across the canvas of the cloud covered sky and the unidentified object that was emanating this orange light showed uncanny resemblance to the sun. Earlier many viewers thought that it was the video of the Sun trying to make its presence felt from behind the blanket of clouds. But when the object, perhaps a UFO, started twinkling and blinking, the theory that it was the Sun was refuted immediately (because Sun never twinkles or blinks) and the appearance of the object was related to a mystical presence. Some of the spectators theorised that maybe the UFO was stuck in between the dark sheets of black clouds and had to turn on its lights so as to navigate its way through them. Still the evidence is only circumstantial and nothing could be said with certainty.

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  1. Does that not appear to be a big thermonuclear warhead in a controlled burn off by Sir Casper and His diligent team of Martians? Rather than the 300 Kiloton thermonuclear warheads they usually shoot at us, does that one appear to be in the megaton range? That is what it looks like. A couple of megatons at least. Do we recall just about a week ago Sir Casper burned off a large one over London that also was in the multi-megaton range? How about the STRIKE labor to end this?

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