Crop circles 2020: Smeathe’s Plantation, Wiltshire, UK

crop circles 2020

This latest crop circle report is coming from a place called Smeathe’s Plantation near Ogbourne St George in Wiltshire, UK. This one was found a few days ago on 25th June 2020.

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    • No, it is popular myth promulgated by governments that these are all man-made. Most are not. The genuine formations exhibit changes to the cell structure of the plants within the formation while the plants just outside of the formation are normal. The stalks in genuine formations are actually bent at 90 deg close to the ground, not crushed or broken like hoaxers would do with planks or their feet. The seeds from plants within the formation have been proven in lab experiments to grow many times faster than normal plants from outside the formation under identical conditions, and their yield is also much greater.

      Furthermore, witnesses who have seen the formations being formed say that the entire formation is laid down in only a few seconds, all at once. Many people who visit the genuine formations have experienced their cameras and other electronic gear malfunctioning when within the formation. Freshly charged batteries are reported to go dead as soon as they step inside. Moreover, some people experience “energies” within hte genuine formations. Some people have claimed that their ailments have been healed after laying down in a formation.

  1. First corona ring of pyramid points=18 as does inner second corona ring pyramid points=18 also both rings total = 36
    3+6 = 9
    Add the outer 9 corona ring points = 45
    4+5 = 9
    That aside 3×3 = 9
    1+8 = 9
    3+6+9 =18
    Antichrist is here, 6+6+6 = 18
    2×9 = 18 months time
    The Sun Earth facing CME to cleanse all Earth with light from all that is evil.
    18+9 = 45
    4+5= 9
    3×9 = 27
    2×7 = 9
    2×18 = 36
    3×6 = 18
    8+1 = 9
    That aside 999 in Britain means EMERGENCY!

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