Formation of UFOs over Bethpage, Tennessee 13-Jun-2020

UFOs flying in the night sky above Bethpage, that’s located along U.S. Route 31E, northeast of neighboring Gallatin. This was taken yesterday (13th June 2020).

Witness report: Woke up just before 4 am on June 13th, 2020. Heard noises around the house . Checked front door , checked back door , turned on the patio light but didn’t go outside …. and I noticed a v – shaped pattern of lights over my neighbor’s house! I took my phone out and recorded… this v shaped object was lit up with lights that seem to brighten then dim … or glow and then get dim again … kind of flashing ? Very strange! I watched for about 10 min went back to my room , checked on my small puppy that I left on my bed … she was up so I got her some water and put her back near my husband (who was sleeping ) I waited for her to lay back down and get comfortable and then went back to the back patio and whatever it was was gone !

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