UFOs/Orbs started appearing over Monument, CO 13-Jun-2020

This UFO phenomenon was taking place in the sky above Monument, Colorado on Saturday, 13th June 2020.

Witness report: The was 1 orb then later on another one appeared right above it. I saw 2 glowing orbs in the distance and immediately started filming. The one orb later was joined by another orb right above it. After the second orb appeared it later disappeared. Then it cam back, when suddenly the first orb disappeared while the second one remained. It continued to switch like than then later they both faded away.

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  1. There is also a third faint light further down the screen tio the right of the video, and what’s that steady blob of light on the building below the flashing light?

  2. Most of the time you know that a video is fake, and I’d say ~ 90% of them are fake. However I think this is real footage, that doesn’t mean I think it’s extra terrestrial, they’re definitely UFOs, but what exactly they are I’ve no idea. Maybe a lighting system? I noticed some little flickers if light under them, but it would seem that traffic in the distance. Them lights? No idea.

  3. Do people not know that you can turn your camera sideways so to get a wider shot?
    Every phone video I see is always in a vertical position.

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