The Westall School UFO Case

westall high school ufo

April 6, 1966. Near Melbourne, Australia, 200 students and teachers had an extraordinary UFO sighting which involved one main craft and five smaller objects buzzing around it. The Australian Army showed up and confiscated all cameras, including photos and video. The school’s principal told the students never to talk about what they had seen. Threats were made to some of the teachers. One female student even disappeared after she was taken away in an ambulance. The Australian government explained this all to be a weather balloon, but the description by the witnesses was consistent. This was a classic sighting of a flying saucer, one that may have landed.

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  1. It’s easy to see that when they don’t have anything worthy for the day, they bring in great cases from the past. Thanks for curating out the junk when there’s nothing new and semi-valid. Bring on the old news!

  2. Hmmm, are YOU Jim Ingram, trying to filter what I should see and not see? I grew up in ’66 and I NEVER heard of this before. Most people wouldn’t talk about spaceships, UFO’s or ANYTHING that might be “unworldly” then. Unless, of course if it was a movie from Hollywood. Of course if we saw anything unusual and said something about it we were considered crazy. I think I should decide what I deem is relevant for myself today, this month, this year, and what is “Old news” to me. You see I don’t get to sit all day long searching out information that happened in the past and I like hearing or reading about the past, you just never know who you might come into contact with that was there and knows EVERYTHING about it.

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