Triangle UFO hovering above Tustin, California 15-Jun-2020

Really interesting footage of a triangle-shaped craft hovering above Tustin, a city located in Orange County, California. This was filmed on 15th June 2020.

Witness report: IPhone video. Also, video through single lens binoculars. Observed for at least an hour. Appeared & disappeared. No Sound.
Most Amazing event I have ever seen. My entire view of the world has changed. It’s too bad everyone just assumes you’re sitting around in a tinfoil hat lol. We witnessed something extraordinarily rare and seen with this much detail by only a few.

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  1. It was a person’s kite with lights shaped in a V. Someone admitted it was theirs through the community forum. It spooked alot of folks, though! Word is still buzzing about it but there were posted pics of the kite for proof. Also, couple of drones chasing it. Sorry. No UFO here

    • Kites aren’t metallic. I had a sighting just like this one, but at a much higher altitude – we had a telescopic camera to see it was a metallic triangular object. I think the movement we see in the video is the camera moving not the object. And with respect, just because someone in a forum claims it’s a kite doesn’t mean it is – or maybe they showed conclusive photos? There is a lot of organised denial about these sightings.

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