Couple spotted huge bright UFO flying over Lakeview, Ohio 18-Jul-2020


New footage of a bright unidentified flying object that was filmed in the sky above Lakeview, Ohio. This event happened on 18th July 2020.

Witness report: Intense bright light with bluish tint. My wife and I were sitting in our far back yard viewing comet Neowise and off to my left (west) I noticed what I thought of as a blue beam. The beam effect could have been due to I wear glasses. Anyways I turned my head and noticed what appeared to be an unusually bright light. Kinda like aircraft landing light being seen head on but only one, not multiple.
I got up and walked to the north a bit and saw the light coming through the trees and saw it was heading our way so I ran back and got the camera from my wife and started filming.
It looked as bright and intense as a tig wielder but with a slight bluish tint. Did not see any anti collision lights, heard no noise from it at all. I would guess it seemed to be between 1000 and 2000 feet in altitude.
That’s all I can think of.

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  1. At 1:08 there is a flash of violet light that lights up the trees. Is same color as UFO when it first appears. Something else is going on.

  2. I recently bought a book on conspiracy theories, and it explained in great detail some theories on the existence of UFOs. It also mentioned the the theory of the “men in black” that come to harass UFO witnesses into not going public with evidence at sightings. Does anyone have any information and/or theories on this?

  3. I also had a close encounter with a UFO when I was 15, a friend and l saw it. It was a drum like shaped, black and white dim lights all around it. It didn’t make a sound, it was completely silent. We were so close to it, we could have touched it. I was scared to go near it. It was 1 metre from the ground, it hovered there for a few minutes as if it was observing us, then it started to move forward slowly, it then went over a wire fence and it lowered again, my friend was really shocked and scared, she said let’s get out of here and tell someone, we left in a hurry, no one believed us. I never went back there. The strange thing was when we didn’t talk about it the next day, it’s like our memory was erased. Years later my friend died of a mysterious death, no one knows how she died.

  4. I’ve been seeing a star that will move across the sky and go dim where you can barely see it and then go bright like it’s taking a picture. It will do that a couple times and then disappear. It’s happened a few nights now. Moving somewhat fast. I’ve tried taking a video but my phone can’t get a good enough view because it’s like taking a video of a star. Can anyone tell me what that could be? Is it a satellite?

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