Unidentified flying object above St. Petersburg, Florida 26-Jul-2020

This bright UFO was seen and filmed in the sky above St. Petersburg, a city in Pinellas County, Florida. This was filmed on 26th July 2020.

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  1. Someday, someone with a high end camera on a tripod is going to catch us a solid video, so until then…crap. It’s a weather balloon (they launch those daily here), or a star, or a police drone spying on the guy spying on it. They do that here too…

  2. If you’re still looking, I would listen to Ridgeracer, UNLESS, you want to know as much as you can know, in which case I would say follow the unclassified govt. projects. Get it directly from the source, not the alien source, but the government’s perspective. Read Projects Sign, Grudge, and Blue Book. Then read Ruppelt, then read about James McDonald. Read Special Report 14 and the Durant Report. If you don’t believe UFOs exist after that, with or without direct experience, you’re not comprehending what you’re reading. After these sources, and maybe a few more, you are diving into a hole whole only exit is the corresponding hole in your wallet or social standing. It’s all out in the open. It doesn’t matter if the Fers are from some Fing star or under the goddam polar ice caps or from Siberia or from the rank and file, it’s about the knowledge that makes that tech happen.

  3. once again great camerawork.smh.its a star probably venus.please people dont waste everyones time with garbage especially if you cant hold a camera steady

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