Expert Says UFOs Mapping the Surface of the Earth to Make Chart of Universe

Christopher Mellon, the former military intelligence adviser, claims thousands of the same sightings worldwide suggest extra-terrestrial craft are on a reconnaissance mission by making a map on the Earth’s surface to create a Google Map-style chart of the universe.

Mellon, who served as US Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defence for Intelligence under Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, makes his shocking claim in a new TV documentary due to air sometime next month in the UK.

Mellon doesn’t think UFOs are ours, and his hopeful we can finally make progress in finding where they might be coming and how they work.

The former Pentagon boss stresses that if these UFOs are not ours, we have a lot to worry about. He believes they could spell a new and uncertain security threat.

He talks about his recent research in an upcoming episode of Sky History series Unidentified: Inside America’s UFO Investigation. The research features multiple massive objects shaped like equilateral triangles that have lights on each of their corners and seem capable of slowly drifting and departing with incredible bursts of speed.

These triangular UFOs have now been spotted above more than 50 American military installations, including Scott Air Force Base, Illinois, which is a strategic command center. Still, its high-tech equipment failed even to register the intruder.

Mellon said this type of craft bears zero resemblance to any advanced terrestrial air technology, such as stealth bombers, but has been spotted around the world for over 40 years. He believes that these UFOs would be capable of mapping in detail the surface below.

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  1. Paranoid Mellon, I’m pretty sure that if there was going to be any sort of threat we would have seen it by now. We on Earth are not a threat to our space visitors despite the millions of tons of nuclear weapons we have and there is evidence world wide in cave art that says our visitors have been coming here for thousands of years.
    Documented and witnessed contactees which were ridiculed and harassed by the military in the 1950s and 60s reported our visitors perceive us on Earth as their younger brothers and sisters, more a threat to ourselves than anyone.

    • Yes. open they fly dot com for full disclosure Read of Swiss conttacer, with 800 face to face chats, since 1943, with human ets on a specific mission.

    • TCC The military at Area 51 has made contact with several different aliens and has received craft from some of them but so far has not been able to figure out their propulsion system. Supposedly they also received several hundred pounds of element 115 (none on this planet). There is a lot more. The UFO museum in Roswell, New Mexico was established by the newly graduated mortician who witnessed aliens at Area 51. Do a lot of reading and decide for yourself, but remember this. The oldest rock in the USA is Morton gneiss from Morton, MN and it is 3.6 billion years old. The earth is 3.6 billion years old and the universe is 14 billion years old. There are at least millions of planets out there and some could support life as we know it with aliens similar to us. They could have billions of years of technology in advance of us. Who is to say that they cannot manipulate time and space and surpass the speed of light? Think how far mankind will be in just a million years.

  2. With all his credentials their easing us into it. Yep We’re being visited. The International Space Station Astronauts have taken pictures of the same triangles. Scientist, Engineers, Pilots, Defense Administrators. How much more convinving do you need. Theres probably a lot they’re not telling.

  3. Its entirely possible – and to Shiela Peterson, did the Native Americans need to fear. Did the Polynesian’s need to fear. Did the Africans who became slaves need to fear. Wake-up!

  4. You have to have respect for Chris Melon. He’s very methodical and takes a very tempered and logical approach. Like they said in the show he’s very much Spock to Luis Elizondo’s Kirk. He’s very stoic and professional and he’s very well respected and credible in Washington which is helping to change the political attitudes of disclosure for national security. Really like this guy.

  5. Anyone or flying object entering into the U.S. air space… receives but so many warnings… afterwards they r directed to a landing location by escorted armed fighter jets…if not following such instructions n going where u want to go in U.S. air space…will b sufficient reason to shoot u down. How come we can’t c any video of U.S. firing upon such object… unless they put them there?

  6. “bUt dIdN’T tHEy dO tHAt aLrEAdY?!”
    Listen. You guys can’t assume there’s only one group of aliens or that all aliens are on the same page. Many alien sightings have VERY different descriptions of the aliens appearance and behavior than others.
    If we have been being visited, it’s been by multiple species from multiple planets with varying levels of technological progress, which means saying “Why didn’t they do this centuries ago?” is pretty dumb, as any aliens doing current mapping likely aren’t the same aliens from centuries old sightings.

    • The military at Area 51 has made contact with several different aliens and has received craft from some of them but so far has not been able to figure out their propulsion system. Supposedly they also received several hundred pounds of element 115 (none on this planet). There is a lot more. The UFO museum in Roswell, New Mexico was established by the newly graduated mortician whose job it was to take care of the military’s needs at the base outside of town. He supplied small body bags at their request and saw one of the aliens. Do a lot of reading on the subject and you will be amazed what you learn. To give you some perspective, the oldest rock in the United States is Morton gneiss and it is 3.6 billion years old. The earth is 4.5? billion years old and the universe is 14 billion years old. Is it not possible that there is intelligent life in the universe in other planets and that they have billions of years of advance technology greater than ours? Look what we have achieved in just the last 200 years. Think what will happen in just another billion years. They may have learned how to manipulate crime and space with the speed of light not being a limiting factor. I hope before I die that we all learn more about what they know and have at Area 51.

      • we will only find out how much better off we will be when its hopefully not to late because the us government are afraid too let the rest of the world know what they have learned from any aliens they have in contact with,plus the us govt have got it into their heads that the human race will not be able to keep their cool if they were told what they have learned from these so called visitors for christ sake if these aliens wanted to take over the earth they would have done it long before now let the people of vthis planet decide their own future instead of holding back on what the govt know

  7. People desperately want aliens to be real. Saviors of humanity that will solve all our problems. Evolved demi-gods that can offer humans shortcuts to get to the same quasi-demi-god-esque-ish evolution stage as these aliens are in.
    Anything and anyone but Jesus: people will accept anyone and anything, as long as it’s not Jesus.

  8. I can understand why the military needs to keep technical secrets. In fact the military would be negligent if they weren’t studying the technology. The fact that we are being visited is not a technological secret. It is a world altering reality that needs to be acknowledged by the military and political powers in this world. The entire human race needs to be told the truth. We also need to prepare for the possibility that the more technologically advanced space-faring species are NOT necessarily benevolent space brothers. The visitors could be doing recon for an advanced hunter-killer species who could worry that we, as an immature species that still murders could gain the technological ability to appear over their home world and spread destruction on a massive scale like only a violent species descended from primates could. Destroying potential rivals before they can destroy you might be the policy and reason that a species survives long enough to gain insights into the forces of the universe. If you understand how to manipulate gravity well enough to warp space, it would be child’s play to lob rocks from the outer solar system and destroy or set back any potential threat from a rival technological civilization harboring any ambition of space exploration.

  9. 1)Aleks,i believe in “jesus”..yashu=joshua, the messiah (maybe not exactly as you do or mainstream Christianity? ). but that does not exclude me from believing in life on other planets or from other star systems.which does not mean i believe “ufo’s” are from other planets either.have you studied the book of ezekiel and the ufo he had a close encounter with? he describes glass helmets,picture ID cards (with the 4 men looking creatures sitting in blue chairs), metalic boots that left heel prints at a time people wore sandals and heels were not yet invented, pants and shirts at a time people wore robes etc..jet packs they flew around in fast as lightning making roaring sounds like a waterfall, with wings on their backs but wings that didnt flap etc..on and on.
    2)L Garou- i agree %100, this radical left wing extremism taking place in the U.S. right now is the most dangerous thing in the U.S. and therefore the world right now.
    3)Dan Buckley- i think if beings from other planets are visiting or watching us they are so advanced they could easily destroy us but we could easily destroy ants too, for what purpose? most likely they see humans as the most destructive virus infecting this planet and all the beautiful life here. if you looked at the earth under a microscope like a petri dish for the past 300 years you would clearly see everything die and the growing medium become rotten as the spread of humans infected the earth like a mold, however they would know our potential also and try to “steer us” away from our self destructive ways. ( much like the creatures in ezekiels story!) hahaa..
    “Look what we have achieved in just the last 200 years”, look at how many terrabytes we can store in the space it took to store a kilobyte a few years ago!..if we look at the primitive way propellers and jets work blasting smoke and fire out the back, it would not take much imagination to think we have grown to flying “tic tacs” now. i would be more shocked if we had not grown past combustion propulsion by now(more ashamed really).
    5)Lester-anyone smart enough to get here from other star systems would have mapped all they wanted to map before they got close enough for us to see them,including their other cousins from the other star systems.
    6)Alien-see my response to L Garou
    7) Mike- I agree.

  10. Don’t ask me how I know because you would never understand but I can tell you their …’star people’ interest in our military bases, etc.
    is THEIR worry over the destruction of this planet. “THEY” were here
    thousands of years before our own civilization was and they don’t want to see Earth destroyed which explains every time there is a nuclear rocket test UFO’s are seen in the distance. Their UFO’s are made out of a substance not found on Planet Earth. They could destroy us if they wanted to but they won’t. Let it be and stop worrying about it. As a matter of fact many, many years ago a friend and I witnessed a real UFO hovering about 40 feet off the ground…on a dark night near Julian, California. We did lose three hours of time having seen it. I do know a lot more re. UFO’s then most people and that is a fact. You can take that to the bank!

  11. I used to think that these craft were operated by ET’s. In recent years the sightings have become so bizarre that the old “Nuts and Bolts” theory no longer applies. I’m firmly convinced they are extra-dimensional, not from other planets. The crafts themselves are impregnated with DNA and are operated through pure consciousness.

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