Unidentified: Inside America’s UFO Investigation S02 E04


Planetary Threat
1 Aug. 2020

In an international UFO hotspot, Lue Elizondo uncovers exclusive video of a glowing orb recorded recently by an airline pilot at 35,000 feet and investigates possible connections to secret technology related to the USSR, plus a shocking aerial battle between a jet fighter pilot and an UFO. Local people reveal an ancient connection, as high-ranking officials drop a Project Blue Book bombshell. The planetary threat of UFOS is explored.

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  1. We are not alone! I don’t know why the powers that be still continue to lie to us, telling us, “ya, those are just weather balloons” or ” its the planet Jupiter”. yeah right! give me a break! I know Americans can handle the info. I personally think there are alian bases on the moon and Mars. I think that there is a secret space force started in the 50’s and that we have copied downed UFOs. I think we have the capacity to travel out of our solar system to planets light yrs away. Come on! Tell us!

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