Unidentified: Inside America’s UFO Investigation S02 E04


Planetary Threat
1 Aug. 2020

In an international UFO hotspot, Lue Elizondo uncovers exclusive video of a glowing orb recorded recently by an airline pilot at 35,000 feet and investigates possible connections to secret technology related to the USSR, plus a shocking aerial battle between a jet fighter pilot and an UFO. Local people reveal an ancient connection, as high-ranking officials drop a Project Blue Book bombshell. The planetary threat of UFOS is explored.

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  1. We are not alone! I don’t know why the powers that be still continue to lie to us, telling us, “ya, those are just weather balloons” or ” its the planet Jupiter”. yeah right! give me a break! I know Americans can handle the info. I personally think there are alian bases on the moon and Mars. I think that there is a secret space force started in the 50’s and that we have copied downed UFOs. I think we have the capacity to travel out of our solar system to planets light yrs away. Come on! Tell us!

    • You are right we are not alone. The Government is not telling all they do know. However
      look at all the evidence of all that has been seen or read about. Yes we are not alone.

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