“Object that moved, changed color & shape” filmed over Chandler, Arizona 25-Jul-2020

Check out this amazing UFO video that was filmed on 25th July 2020 over Chandler, Arizona.

Witness report: We witnessed and filmed an object that moved, changed color and shape, and appeared to move away from us in a straight path. Upon our leaving the area, it changed direction and moved back to the original area. This was south of Queen Creek Road outside of Chandler, AZ.

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Link: youtube.com/c/LUFOS-UFO
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  1. It’s not doing anything impressive except “drifting” in the wind like a helium balloon. I’d say one of those flattened kind with a design on one side and silver on the other, which explains the appearance of changing color and shape…it’s spinning as it drifts.

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