Stunning video of UFOs over Las Vegas, NV 6-Aug-2020

This footage was shot using a Panasonic fz80 with a 60x zoom. This strange event happened over Las Vegas, Nevada on 6th August 2020

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  1. I wish I was able to see something like this. However I’m not complaining since I did have my own experience when I was 16. My son was a brand new baby and keeping me up nights, I went outside for some fresh air and was completely stunned by what past overhead. I’ve only told 2 people and I’m 41 now. Thinking back it almost feels like a dream but I know. It wasn’t just lights. It was very low and flying quietly overhead. Amazing really.

  2. SO many very similar sightings all over the world.. a group of lights that “mingle” with each other, changing positions, they go out, then re-appear in a different spot with varying brightness intensities. They just don’t come off as any kind of conventional aircraft including drones. Not flares or Chinese lanterns in my opinion. I’m pretty baffled by these.

  3. Remember UFO does not mean Alien SpaceCraft it means Unidentified Flying Object. If a Flying Object could be Identified it would cease being a UFO and be whatever it was identified as. So if a flying object were to be identified as a spacecraft of unknown origin it ceases being a UFO and becomes a Spacecraft of Unkown Origin or Extraterrestrial Spacecraft etc. So, since these objects can not be clearly identified they are UFOs but not necessarily of Extraterrestrial Origin.

  4. We are not dealing with another evolutionary advanced species from another planet , or galaxy. We are dealing with interdimentional beings , and their transports. These are mostly fallen angelic type beings , or demonic entities( disembodied Nephilim) Some of the worlds Govt’s have similar type of transport craft.

  5. Just our military testing new state of the art aircraft. People who saw the stealth bombers in the 80s thought those weird triangles were UFOs too. And they were at the time until the first Gulf war happened in 1990.

    Bing familiar with this area and buildings. The camera is facing NW towards the range.

  7. How many would not be able to accept those are hydrogen warheads in a controlled burn off by Sir Casper, the leader of the Martian team that has spared our lives? That’s what the deal is.

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