Unknown flashing object over Cleveland, Ohio 19-Aug-2020

This bright UFO was seen and recorded in the sky above Cleveland, OH on August 19, 2020.

Witness report: On 08/19/20 at approximately 10:00 hours I was assigned to assist with traffic in downtown Cleveland. There were 4 other parties assigned to the intersection of E.9th & Bolivar to repair telephone lines. During our time at the intersection I was discussing the buildings surrounding area. We began discussing the cable that was stabilizing a communication tower and the insulator in the middle which we thought was odd. In the video you can see the insulator, which can be mistaken for a hovering object. At 10:23 hours I noticed an object fly out from behind one of the buildings. The crew I was working with had also noticed it. I took out my phone and attempted to capture video of the object. In the video, we can all be heard acknowledging the object. The object appeared to have an erratic flight path. It flew to my left and flashed a few times and then moved to my right and flashed a few times then shot off into the sky. I believe I found one view of it. As it was flashing and moving so quickly it was almost impossible to capture.

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