U.S. Air Force General on UFOs – ‘I’ve had those cases and reported them’

The U.S. Pacific Air Forces head said he had observed some mysterious things in the sky, but not sure if extraterrestrials have ever visited Earth.


Air Force General Kenneth Wilsbach said he hadn’t received reports as a PACAF commander from his personnel about any strange aerial vehicles that could be alien since the Pentagon’s announcement on creating a task force to look into the UFO sightings.

Gen. Wilsbach has been flying his whole life and started airplanes when he was 14 years old, particularly gliders at that time. He has flown jets his entire career. He said, “occasionally, you see stuff that you can’t explain.” And he has “had those cases and reported them.” However, they haven’t had any reports, mainly because the task force started just a few weeks ago.

The members of Congress and the U.S. military are concerned that UFOs that Navy pilots have reported seeing since 2014 could indicate that Russia and China have made breakthroughs in advanced technology, including hypersonics.

No U.S. official so far has publicly ventured that space aliens could fly the UFOs.

On Wednesday, Wilsback shook his head and said, “I don’t know” when asked if he personally believes that extraterrestrials have visited our planet.

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  1. i personally think only the US has funds and tech enough to advance anything similar to “tic tacs” most russian military is 1970’s era stuff still and china has been spending its billions on stealing islands from nearby poorer countries and building military outposts for defense and ego boost.

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