Were These Historic Moments Actually Secret Alien Invasions?

Aliens Killing Human Beings

What are some of the biggest mysteries around UFO sightings? Are UFOs real? Do aliens exist?

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  1. These are not ‘alien invasions’ ..they are ‘alien visitations’…we as a civilization share Earth with Star People. Humanoids fly the UFO
    crafts that are made of a mineral NOT found on Planet Earth.
    On their planet, their inhabitants who look similar to us are 7 to 8 feet tall which is why smaller humanoids fly the UFOs which utilize magnetic propulsion. No reason to fear them. My greatest hope is they will touch down on Earth allowing us to meet them. Maybe it will happen? And hopefully, it will!

  2. Please tell this narrator to do us all a favor and stop reading the material off his page in his ridiculous sing-song-y voice. Not only is it distracting to listening to the actual content, but it diminishes the importance of it. I can’t even stand listening to it.

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