Another UFO filmed over Area 51

This was filmed from Alamo, Nevada on 15th October 2020. What do you think it is?

Witness report: On Oct 15 2020 I was observing Area 51 at 7:15 pm on a Thursday night. The weather was clear, moonless and steady breeze. The breezed picked up in a hour or so. and became quite windy. At 7:32pm I saw this Hoover UFO just hanging above the mountain terrain of Area 51. There had been previous white explosions going off from behind the mountains. But no noise. I recorded this UFO just sitting in mid air for about 2 minutes. I am having trouble loading the right file for this site. So if you seen my first post it goes along with this post. Its case number is 111909. I am unsure what this is. it could be as simple as a drone.. let me know.. thanks

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  1. I shot this UFO, on Oct 15 2020. After this was shot I went back to shooting single images of other craft flying above the mountains. In several frames I captured no less than 8 craft flying UFOs at the same time. It was a very good night. When the wind picked up, and became very gusty, the action stopped. After waiting for 30 minutes or so, a strange car pulled up with just one person in it and parallel my car about 20 feet away. Now it was a moonless night and pitch black out there, just to find Black Mail box is a chore if you know where it is.. in the dark, good luck, but this man (who looked like a balding serial criminal in his 40’s just sat like a statue starring out into darkness. I got what I wanted and left the area. If it was dark how did I see him,, I turned my car headlights directly into his car,, I really wanted to see who it was,, maybe the Men In Black) Nope Not the Men in Black,, out at Black Mail Box, you never know who’s out there. Be Careful if you go out there. I been shooting out there for over 3 years,, and this site or similar sights have taken my information from MUFON. Don’t really care, but if they would tell me, it would be better… I have to google search to find these reports of mine..

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